The “Little Amazon of the Pyrenees”

The “Little Amazon of the Pyrenees”: a natural gem full of enchantment for a stroll in the heart of the Pyrenean humid forest!

*** 43 km away

The Gourgue d’Asque, nicknamed the Amazon of the Pyrenees, is an unusual place in the Baronnies, along the Arros River. Its humidity, close to saturation, has fostered a lush forest of ancient boxwoods, reminiscent of a jungle with its trees, rocks, and giant scolopendras. This offbeat place invites you to take a walk, offering a unique landscape where every step reveals a new wonder. With its mosses, lichens, and ferns, the Gourgue d’Asque offers a tropical experience in the heart of the Pyrenees, a magical place where nature reigns supreme, to be explored far from the beaten paths.