(Tenants must also familiarize themselves with the Internal Regulations and comply with them)

These general terms and conditions automatically govern all stays reserved with Camping LE RURAL. They are an integral part of any rental agreement concluded between the campsite and its tenants (excluding any specific mention in the contract).

Each tenant acknowledges having read these general terms and conditions before making any reservation for a stay, for themselves or any person participating with them in the stay.

By signing these terms and conditions, the tenant undertakes to comply with the terms and provisions of the Internal Regulations (attached to the contract); any establishment-specific directives regarding safety and commercial management; its closure periods; and, in general, the regulations relating to Outdoor Hospitality.

In accordance with the provisions of Article D 331-1-1 of the Tourism Code, which stipulates that a tenant cannot establish a domicile on a campsite, this contract does not grant the right to establish a main residence in the campsite or the possibility to carry out a professional activity there. This rental is not subject to regulations on residential leases or commercial leases.

In the event of termination of the contract for any breach of the General Conditions or the Internal Regulations, the full amount of the current rental period remains payable to the owner.

Failure to invoke any provision of this contract or the internal regulations, which are an integral part thereof, at any given time shall in no way constitute a waiver for the future; any tolerance granted shall not therefore constitute an acquired right.

Communication materials are non-binding. Any document other than these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (including catalogs, advertisements, tourist brochures, etc.) has only an informative, indicative, and non-binding value. The photos of rental accommodations are provided for illustrative purposes; their characteristics may vary from one model to another.


The rental of a pitch or a mobile home is nominative. It is not possible to sublet or transfer the reservation without the written consent of the manager. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. The tenant cannot, under any circumstances, claim any right to remain on the premises at the end of the rental period.

The reservation of a mobile home can only be processed upon receipt of the complete and signed contract and the payment of the deposits. It is recorded upon receipt of the deposit (30% of the amount). The amount of the reservation fee is calculated based on the period and duration of the stay (offered, €5 or €15) and is non-refundable.

The balance of the stay must be paid 15 days before check-in during the OFF-SEASON and 30 days before check-in during the HIGH SEASON. The reservation is considered confirmed after confirmation by email from the campsite.

The basic rate is per night (unless otherwise stated in the contract). For mobile home rentals, it includes accommodation, the consumption package (water and electricity package of 10kwh/night. Beyond that, €0.40/kwh invoiced at the end of the period), and 1 vehicle per pitch. For a pitch rental, it includes a pitch, the stay package for 1 or 2 people, and 1 vehicle.

These rates do not include tourist taxes, options, consumption package overruns, additional persons, or pets.

The tourist taxes established by the Community of Commune (€0.29/adult/day) are not included in the rate. They are collected per person over 18 years old and per day, for the entire duration of the contract.

Camping Le Rural does not guarantee special requests made during a reservation (pitch number, placement preference, or other). Upon reservation, a pitch number is assigned based on optimizing the schedule. This pitch number is not contractual and will not be communicated before arrival. The pitch is only definitive on the day of installation.

For stays of one month or more, the rental is signed according to the specific conditions of the contract and for the defined duration. The tenant who benefits from a preferential rate for a “long-term” stay understands that it is temporary accommodation, not covered by the building and housing code. Any request for an extension of stay must be made in writing (email) and subject to availability.

Any month started is due. A security deposit may be required, corresponding to 1 month’s rent in advance. It is cashed and refunded to the tenant at the end of their rental, if they are up to date with their payments. It will not be used at any time to settle current invoices. For stays in a mobile home, a security deposit check of €300 is to be attached to the contract signature.


A deposit of €10 is required for the loan of an entry badge and is subject to authorization from the manager.

A cleaning deposit (starting from €50) and a security deposit (starting from €250) are required for any rental of a mobile home or caravan, in 2 separate checks (or in cash).

  • Deposits are refunded to the camper upon departure or within a maximum of 2 months, less the amount of repairs, damages, or unpaid fees.
  • If the accommodation is not returned clean and ready for rent, the cleaning deposit will be cashed. In case of incomplete restoration of the mobile home or damage to the equipment, all or part of the security deposit will be cashed. It does not constitute a limit of liability, and an invoice may be issued to cover expenses exceeding its amount.

SMOKING, BARBECUES, GRILLING, and FRYING are prohibited inside the mobile home.

Both deposits will be entirely retained by the owner in case of non-compliance with this clause.


For mobile home rentals, check-in is between 4:00 PM and 7:30 PM (and by appointment during the OFF-SEASON).

For pitches, check-in is between 12:00 PM and 7:30 PM.

Outside of these hours, check-in will only be possible with the campground’s agreement; otherwise, the lost night will remain due, and the arrival will be postponed by 24 hours (for arrivals after 8:00 PM, a surcharge of €20/hour will be applied).

If there is no communication 24 hours after the scheduled arrival time, the manager will have the accommodation available, and the reservation will be canceled without compensation.

For mobile homes, check-out is no later than 10:00 AM. The tenant must return the premises clean and tidy, with the refrigerator, cabinets, and garbage emptied.

For pitches, check-out is no later than 12:00 PM. The pitch must be returned clean and free of any personal belongings of the camper.

The departure time must be determined no later than the day before with the manager, by appointment and according to the available time slot (please note, several departures may need to be organized on the same day, so scheduling the departure time is mandatory).


Visitors: The primary tenant is legally responsible for their dependents/guests who are only accepted on the premises in their presence. No person not mentioned in the contract will be accepted. The rental cannot, under any circumstances, benefit third parties. Any modification of the contract may result in a variation in the rental amount. Only the primary tenant has the possibility to request an extension of the current contract.

Subletting is prohibited, even free of charge, under penalty of immediate termination of the contract.

The maximum number of people allowed to stay in a mobile home is 6 for 3 bedrooms and 4 for 2 bedrooms (except for professional stays, see article 9 of the internal regulations).

Any modification of the number of people or participants must be reported to the reception before arrival and will only be validated after receiving approval from the campground. In case of persons not listed on the reservation contract but present during the stay, a supplement of €12 per additional person per day will be required for the current rental period, provided it does not exceed the maximum capacity of the accommodation, in which case the campground is entitled to interrupt the stay, without compensation.

Open fires (wood, coal, etc.) are strictly prohibited, as well as the use of fireworks, firecrackers, or any other equipment that may endanger safety or disturb the tranquility on the premises. Barbecues are subject to the manager’s authorization depending on weather conditions.

Electric Vehicle: No installation is provided for vehicle charging. Charging will be possible through personal means and with the manager’s authorization. These costs will then be invoiced at the end of the rental period and no later than the end of the current month (based on individual meter readings).

Entry Badge: The barrier management badge must be used according to the Internal Regulations; otherwise, access may be suspended.

Long-term Rental: For long-term rentals in mobile homes or caravans (1 month or more), periodic visits to the accommodation by the manager, in the presence of the tenant, will take place to check the proper functioning of equipment (heating, water heater, etc.) and their condition.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain their pitch and mobile home. Any modification to the installations or addition of equipment on the pitch or inside the accommodation is only done after request and written acceptance by the manager.


Garbage bins are available at the exit of the campsite and should only be used for household waste; bulky items must be deposited in the designated area by the tenant. Household waste of any kind must be deposited in the bins.

Everyone is required to refrain from any action that could harm the cleanliness, hygiene, and appearance of the campsite and its facilities. It is forbidden to pour wastewater on the ground. Tenants must empty wastewater into the designated facilities. Dishwashing is strictly prohibited outside of designated areas. Hanging laundry will be discreet; it is permitted near the accommodations, provided it does not disturb neighbors. It should never be hung from trees.

Pets: Pets are accepted under conditions (except for dogs of 1st and 2nd category).

A deposit of €30 is required upon arrival for acceptance of the animal on the premises.

It will be cashed and renewed in case of non-compliance with any clauses of the Internal Regulations. If the campground is not notified of the presence of an animal, access to the rental may be refused, without the possibility of a refund for the stay.

Civil Liability Insurance: All repairs made necessary by negligence or improper use of the rental will be the responsibility of the camper, both within the premises and throughout the property.

To cover this risk, the camper must have civil liability insurance and verify if their main housing contract includes the “holiday” or “vacation rental” extension for mobile home rentals. Otherwise, they must contact their insurer to take out a specific contract and provide it upon request from the manager.

The provision of the civil liability certificate is mandatory for stays of one month or more.

In case a tenant disturbs the stay of other users or does not comply with the provisions of these General Conditions or the Internal Regulations, the campground management reserves the right to terminate their stay immediately, without indemnity or compensation. In case of criminal offenses, the manager may call the police.


A complete inventory of the mobile home is conducted by the campsite before the camper’s arrival.

The tenant has 2 hours from their arrival to check the provided inventory and report any anomalies.

They can then report any anomalies to the manager. After this period, the rented property is considered free of damage upon the camper’s arrival.

If the check-out inventory is not conducted, the manager will perform it later. After verifying the cleanliness and absence of damages, the security deposit will be destroyed (if a check) or returned (if given in cash, returned by bank transfer). If the return of the security deposit is requested by mail, the tenant must provide a stamped envelope.

If the manager observes any damages, they must inform the tenant within a week, and the security deposits will be processed as specified in Article 2.

Supplies: Pillows, sheets, household linen, and towels are provided by the tenant. Duvets and pillows can be rented upon reservation (see contract).

Bedding: Sleeping must be done with sheets or sleeping bags; otherwise, protectors will be changed and charged to the tenant. The camper must provide waterproof mattress protectors if necessary (the deposit is engaged for any damage observed on the mattresses).


The management has a general obligation to monitor the campground. The tenant is responsible for their own installation and must inform the manager of the presence of any suspicious individuals.

During their stay, campers benefit from the campground’s civil liability insurance for any bodily or material damages for which the campground is held responsible. The campground declines all responsibility in case of theft, fire, or bad weather, as well as in the event of accidents attributable to the campers or their visitors.

VISITORS: Visitors can access the campground on foot between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM and are the responsibility of the hosting camper. The camper must inform the manager of their presence (in person or by text message). They must leave their vehicle in the parking lot and comply with the Internal Regulations of the establishment (a deposit may be required to allow access to an animal). They are not allowed to stay at the campground unless authorized by the manager and subject to the payment of applicable additional fees and tourist tax.


Off-season: The deposit paid (30% of the total stay amount) is forfeited in case of cancellation before 15 days prior to arrival. If cancellation occurs before 7 days prior to arrival, 50% of the amount due is deducted from the refund of the stay or security deposit (excluding insurance and booking fees); beyond that, the full amount of the stay remains due to the campground.

High season (July-August): The deposit paid is forfeited in case of cancellation before 30 days prior to arrival; for cancellation before 15 days prior to arrival, 50% of the amount due is deducted from the refund of the stay or security deposit (excluding insurance and booking fees); beyond that, the full amount of the stay remains due to the campground (excluding tourist taxes and options).

No reduction will be granted in the event of delayed arrival/early departure according to the dates specified in the contract.

The campground therefore recommends subscribing to the Canceled & Covered Interruption Insurance. The insurance premium is to be paid by separate check upon reservation of the stay, made out to the campground. It is non-refundable.

It reimburses the full amounts paid before the start of the stay or the proportionate amount of the shortened stay in case of early departure (excluding insurance, booking fees, and used options). Covered guarantees are listed on


The full reserved stay or the balance of the ongoing stay (excluding booking and insurance fees validated; tourist tax, fees, and consumed services) will be refunded without additional compensation request, in the event of a governmental or departmental decision resulting in travel restrictions, limited access to the establishment, or administrative closure of the campground.


Campers who have booked their stay through an online reservation center or subleased from an individual are subject to all General Conditions (excluding specific articles). The Tourist tax is due by all guests upon arrival.

The campground cannot be held responsible for incorrect or non-contractual information provided by any of its partners regarding its services or supplies. It is the camper’s responsibility to confirm any necessary information directly with the campground.


Campers staying at the campground for professional reasons are subject to all of our General Conditions.

Regarding deposits:

  • They must be made out in the name of one of the mobile home tenants for any direct reservation by the professional.
  • They can be paid by the company if it is the one paying for the entire stay. In this case, the company assumes full responsibility for ensuring compliance with all General Conditions by its staff.

In all cases, each mobile home tenant must contact the campground before arrival (by email or text) and present their ID for key handover.

1 person per room and only those listed on the contract.

Any change of tenant must be reported before departure. Any new tenant must first register at the Reception. The departure inventory is mandatory.


Requests specific to the establishment must be adhered to during the stay in a context of health crisis.


All distinctive and figurative elements of the campground (logo, photographs, images, videos, etc.) are its full property. They may not be communicated, reproduced, or distributed by a third party without written authorization from the manager.


In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of April 27, 2016, and the amended law of January 6, 1978, relating to data processing, files, and freedoms, the camper is informed that the data collected during their reservation will not be commercially exploited. They are only used by the campground or its subcontractors for the purpose of carrying out necessary procedures and stored according to legal requirements.

The camper has the right to access, rectify, or oppose this data by contacting Camping LE RURAL at


In the event of a dispute and failing an amicable agreement, the tenant has the option to resort free of charge to a consumer mediator in accordance with Article L 612-1 of the Consumer Code.

The mediator’s contact information is as follows:
Phone: 01 89 47 00 14
CM2C – 14 rue Saint Jean – 75017 PARIS
Classification decision of December 23, 2022
C65-002498-004 Classified 1 star, category “LEISURE”
56 pitches – SIRET number: 95307944900013