Château de Bramevaque

Château de Bramevaque: A Castle of Legends, in the Heart of the Barousse Valley

*** 13km away 

In the heart of the Barousse, the medieval village of Bramevaque, with its orange roofs and its castle, is surrounded by forests.
Visible from the main road, the “Château of the Counts of Comminges” (11th and 13th centuries) catches the eye. Perched on a rocky peak, the ruins of the feudal castle (11th century) overlook the valley, clinging to the mythical Mont-Sacon.

The Garden of Marguerite, on a flat area, tells the story of the Counts of Comminges and this castle, the cradle of the valley’s first feudalism. An excursion that immerses you in the ancestral tales of this land.